Do you Advertise or do you Market?

So you’ve just become a Coach…you are now in the shoes of being a business owner….what comes next….advertising?, or marketing?  We all know the selling process for most is anything but easy, and sometimes down right scary!  The fact is…when it comes to promoting your good, or service, many struggle with how to approach others…they may even struggle with a lack of confidence in themselves or their product.  A constant fear of failure or rejection echos in the six inches between their ears.  We become fearful that we won’t close the deal.  On average most business owners fall quickly into a habit of advertising because that is really what we are conditioned to do….but do you like to be sold?  No!  Its a turn off!  Lets put the shoe on the other foot, and take a look at what we see…turned off…click delete…run the other way.  We just do not like to be sold!

So comes the next part….there is a difference between advertising and shouting from the rooftop about your good/service/business, and marketing.  Experts say there is a way to overcome the fears or natural processes of most.  I have often heard of PDR.  Practice, Drill, Rehearse.  As well as self development, training from others who have been successful, and a good attitude.

So lets list a few things that may be holding your back from creating a successful business.

  1. Nervousness – 1st Impressions are worth a 1000 words right?  You have control of this one.  In some of the training I have had I have the acronym BTR (Build the Relationship).  In the relationship building process the first impressions are usually 50 % of the getting to know you/like you process.  People are attracted to other’s who look like them, dress like them, act like them.  So to begin to alleviate the nervousness, you take a look at yourself…are you in your early twenties, wearing the hot new trendy clothes…are you a gym rat, is your audience the local business professionals?  What ever it may be…LOOK AND ACT THE PART!
  2. Scared of Rejection – Remember what I said earlier….PDR….Practice Drill Rehearse….becoming a master of your craft, and sharing what you have to offer will work in your favor to overcoming the rejection rocket.  Listening to those who have already been successful, and following in their daily activities for the same amount of time that they have, will typically warrant the same success.  Many will say…”Go for No.”  this process will actually force you to practice, and as well make you better.  However…understanding the reasons behind a rejection can better understand how to refine your product and presentation.  Sometimes the only way to beat a fear is to confront it.  PDR!  Also remember…what you present might not be the best for everyone.  Work with those interested and whom its best suited for.
  3. Pushy Salesman mentality – Do your conversations revolve around simply selling, or can you carry on a normal conversation without even moving towards selling them what you have.  Build and develop the relationship…listening twice as much as you talk is the great way to move the conversation in the direction of helping the prospective customer find what they need.  Building and develop the relationship, caring about your prospective customer…which develops trust, is where the sale will take place.  Business is about relationships, not who you can sell something to.

So now we come to what is the difference between advertising and marketing?  Its easy actually…think about advertising…we get bombarded by it each and everyday….the big retailers, the radio ads, the internet ads…etc etc etc.  Advertising is direct promotion of products and services to you.  Sometimes its the same promotion over and over again…and this is what all to often the avenue new business owners take.   Sending off form letters, canned conversations.  Not developing the relationship, not finding out what the other person actually needs.  Then you find yourself in the “white noise area”  your email comes…and goes straight to the deleted items folder.

So marketing…this is the best way to build your business.  You are a business…OWN IT!  Provide the service, provide the opportunity for people.  Offering somethign that requires an exchange of money or commitment, doesn’t mean you are a bad guy…thats BUSINESS!  You must continue to look for the people that are looking for what you have to offer.  Like I said…You are a BUSINESS.  Its all around us..the way of the world.  Services are being bought…services are being shared….products purchased.  So how does one market their way to success then?  The difference will be your interest in who you speak with.  Its not whats in it for you, but whats in it for them, how are you going to serve them.  Once you discover their needs and how you may be able to support that need in a solution, is when the relationship is solid enough for you to share what you have.

Create a bigger social circle/network….expand your sphere of influence.  This allows you to speak to more and more people without intention.  Once you learn this skill, it opens the door for attraction marketing….that’s another story and its coming up next!

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