Are You Where You Want to Be?

Doing the same thing over and over without evaluating its worth in the larger scheme of things is one of the most common mistakes that people make. Why do they do it? Because it’s easier than creating change. Too many will stay where they are and complain every day, rather than seek out new, interesting, and potentially better opportunities. This goes for both business and personal matters.


     Think about your current situation:

  • Could you have a more rewarding career if you took a training course that complements what you already know?
  • Would you live a more pleasant lifestyle if you moved to a different neighborhood, town, or state?
  • Is there a growth opportunity with your company or industry that you think about but haven’t really researched?
  • Have you kept up with new advancements in your industry? Or is there a lack of advancement?

If your present job, career, or lifestyle is not part of your long-term plans, it’s time to give some serious thought to creating some changes. Nudging yourself even one degree in a different direction than where you’re headed now will take you to a whole new destination.

What would your life look like if you altered it by just two percent? You’d invest over 3 hours a week on something different than what you’re doing now. Think about what you could accomplish with 3 hours a week to dedicate to your health, loved ones, self-improvement, education, or career. Then, eliminate the “yeah-buts.”

  • “Yeah, but I can’t miss watching the big game.”
  • “Yeah, but I can’t take time away from my family.”
  • “Yeah, but I’m tired when I get off work.”
  • “Yeah, but that training class is an hour away.”

When the positive result of change is positive enough, you’ll develop the passion for it. Your passion will help you turn the “yeah-buts” in your life into:

  • “Forget the TV, I’m sitting on the 50-yard line at the game because I’ve earned it.”
  • “I may have given up some evening TV time with the family, but now we have the money to head to Hawaii for our dream vacation.”
  • “Exercise burns physical energy, but it creates mental energy. What a great trade-off!”
  • “My car is a classroom. I doubled the value of my time by training on the way to that class.”

You don’t have to wait for a particular time of year to reflect on where you are now and where you’re headed. Keep your mind, eyes and ears open for new opportunities to enjoy life more every day. If the thought of change makes you fearful, take a lesson from, the late J. Douglas Edwards. Doug used to say, “Do what you fear most and you control the fear.” Most fear is generated by the unknown. Once you know more about whatever it is you’re afraid of, the fear dissipates and you can start enjoying the benefits.

What is your inner compass telling you about whether you are headed in the right direction? How do you define success?

Wishing you greatness in your opportunity.

-Coach E

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