Create Results with Confident Self-Talk

I had to share this article below, holy cow is this ever true for not just me, but the majority of the people out there.  How will we do more in life, if we constantly talk ourselves out of things.  It won’t happen, so one must learn to talk to yourself in a confident way.  Have you ever wondered, what to say when you are talking to yourself…this article as well as the book, What to Say When You Talk to Yourself, below will help you in your quest to overcome negative self-talk.  We are truly powerful beyond measure, sometimes it just takes pushing ourselves past our obstacles to get there.

Create Results with Confident Self-Talk – By Kim Dolan Leto
How do you talk to yourself? Do your words speak to your success and how you will achieve your goals or are they negative? Have you ever considered you could be talking yourself right out of your results? Click the link to read these two great articles that illustrate the importance of choosing our self-spoken words on Oxygen Magazine‘s blog:

Use Your Power Words
Confident Fat Loss

I heard it best described like this: If your inner voice was a friend, would you want to be friends with that person? And, if what you think of yourself was up on a screen what would it say? People want to get fit, achieve a goal, change their lives, but there is a great disconnect in the way they see themselves and the goal they are trying to reach. For example, consider the planned failure in this sentence: I really want to be in shape, but I have a fat lower stomach and my legs are big! Do you hear yourself? What we say about ourselves is what we become, so for one day listen to you. What are you saying? What are you bringing about in your life?

Can you see the importance in creating a confident inner voice? The difference between the people that reach their goal and those that don’t is simple-the ones that succeed confidently believe they can and they believe that until it happens. Those that fail expect failure, they even plan for it. Which side are you on? What are you saying about the things you want to happen in your life?

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Click the book to get your copy, and learn the power of self-talk.



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