Dial in your Time!

Okay we all experience this each day…its not moving fast enough, I can’t seem to get anyone interested, I feel like I’m failing…blah blah blah blah.


Lets take a quick look at what you are doing before you start each day. I have something called Might Time that I participate in. For more info: www.thebuildersmindset.com

This is where I identify 3 crucial activities that I feel will best serve me in accomplishing my focus for the day. Usually classify them as income driving activities in our profession as a network marketer.

Then I rank them on a scale of 1 to 7. So I can work through them in a prioritized manner. First things first right?

After completion…guess what….I do what all goal oriented people do…I WRITE THEM DOWN! To many people rely on typing things and then saving only to never look at them again. Most people upon translating their thoughts from mind to paper, tend to do so much better at accomplishing their daily goals, weekly, monthly and yearly goals! So lets start by tracking your daily activities, your income driving activities within your business.

If you feel you need the structure, take a look at Might Time: www.thebuildersmindset.com and lets get you rolling in a way that will take you to another level within your business.

To you success.
-Coach E

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