The Law of Attraction

The idea of attraction is instantly appealing to most people. Attraction is about bringing something toward you, almost like a magnetic pull. The idea of a magnetic energy drawing something toward you is at the heart of the law of attraction.

Now imagine what you could bring into your life if you knew how to direct that magnetic pull. When The Secret hit bookshelves, it revived an age-old concept. It’s nothing new. The idea has floated around for centuries, seemingly forgotten except by a few, then is always revived over time.

Some say it came from Hinduism. There’s a definite link to James Allen‘s 1902 book, As a Man Thinketh. Allen’s title came from a Bible verse that says, “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” For Allen, the heart was merely an extension of desires, goals and dreams Which could be fulfilled by attracting anything that is wanted or needed.

Rhonda Byrne, author of the blockbuster 2006 movie The Secret, admits that her inspiration came after reading The Science of Getting Rich, written by Wallace D. Wattles in 1910.

Once again, the simple attraction concept of Ask, Believe, and Receive is back in the limelight. What we call the Law Of Attraction had several names during the 20th Century such as New Thought, Science of the Mind, Positive Thinking, Metaphysics and Prosperity Thinking.

If you look at these names and the writings about them, you’ll see that this idea flowed throughout the years in one form or another -yet all hold claim to the idea that you can attract what you want or need if you practice the correct approach.

What is the right approach to attract your desires, goals and dreams? To begin, you have to understand that what you want or need is all around you. It’s like picking fruit -you won’t get peaches from an oak tree.

You have to recognize where peaches are and be properly positioned to reach those peaches on the tree. You also have to know exactly what kind of fruit you want. This is an overly simplistic way of showing how you must be in touch with your own desires before you can attract what you want.The universe is a complex system that’s extremely orderly. The design of the universe is claimed in various religious beliefs, yet even the scientific community joins in the agreement that the universe is orderly.

To be orderly, there must be certain Universal Laws. Remember the “if … then”” rules in science class? If you pour this chemical into the beaker along with that substance, then you will have an explosion.The Law of Attraction pays careful attention to the “if … then” order of the Universe.

The more scientific thinkers in this movement insist that the Law of Attraction is an element of Quantum Physics. After all, Quantum Physics is a study of the impact of energy on matter.

So if the Law of Attraction could teach you to focus your energy on what you want or need, then those things (made of matter) could be drawn to you. It’s like becoming a human tractor beam, locking onto something and bringing it to you.

Whether the Law of Attraction is part of Quantum Physics or not, the essence of how to make it work for you is summed up in the three words; Ask, Believe, and Receive.


You must clearly define what you want. Instead of saying, “I want a new SUV,” be specific. Go to the car dealer and pick out exactly what you want. Test drive several SUV models. Bring home the brochure complete with color choices.

Once you decide which car best fits your lifestyle and use requirements, then you’re ready for the first step. Ask the Universe to bring you a 4 door X-Model by Z Car Company, midnight blue with tan leather seats, CD player and cruise control.

Does this sound like a shopping list? Sure it does. If you want that SUV, then you need to ask for that SUV. Otherwise don’t be crabby when you get a dented sedan from the 1980s.

Hey, you asked for a car, you didn’t ask for exactly what you wanted. That’s the power of the first step – ASK!

Once you ask for that specifically equipped SUV, then you must BELIEVE that the car is already yours.

“But wait -it’s not in my driveway!”That makes no difference. Your responsibility in the process is to believe without wavering that the car is yours. It may still be on the dealer’s lot, but as far as you are concerned, it’s yours.

The moment you doubt or think perhaps you asked for too much, then you break that tractor beam in which the Universe is bringing your desire to you.


To Believe is the most difficult tasks for newcomers to practice. It’s also the point where people give up on the entire process and stop making any effort to attract what they want or need in their lives.

“After all, the Universe hasn’t given me anything yet,” you say, so this stuff obviously doesn’t work. You can say that it doesn’t work but the truth is, you didn’t allow it to work. Your belief was not a full commitment -it was half-hearted at best.Fortunately, the Universe won’t deliver half a car to you. With the Law of Attraction, full commitment is a requirement if you want to have the full benefits.

When you strongly believe that you can have what you asked for, you reach beyond the realm of what you see into the realm of what’s possible. That’s why Possibility Thinking was a former name for this law -because it transported your thinking beyond what has you stuck in the present to a future without limitations.

What a powerful and sobering concept this is! You’ve likely experienced this before and didn’t realize it. Did you desperately want to skate, only to fall so many times you gave up?You watched friends and started to imagine yourself skating. As you rehearsed this in your head you went from “wanting to skate” to “seeing yourself as a skater.” Then suddenly you tried again and you could skate. The skates didn’t change -you changed because you developed a belief that you could skate.


To Receive is easy, you think, but that’s not totally accurate. You think you’ll have no problem happily receiving that SUV when it arrives in your driveway. You’ll be so happy and grateful.

If that’s as far as it goes, then you have a car but you missed the point. Gratitude requires expression -not just, “Wow, great car – thanks.” You must take quiet time to show gratitude to the Universe or the Supreme Being of your religious beliefs.

This car didn’t come to you because the dealer was feeling generous. The car is a manifestation of you asking and believing that the Universe or the Supreme Being had both the power and the desire to meet your need.

Another concept we hear about often is “pay it forward,” based on another movie in which people begin to do random acts of kindness without any expectation of receiving anything in return.

You can use the “pay it forward” idea as part of showing your gratitude for what you receive. Maybe you volunteer to deliver Meals on Wheels once weekly or bring your neighbor’s child along with your family on a picnic now that you have a vehicle with room for more people. Find ways to use the gift you received to benefit others who will never be able to repay you. That’s showing gratitude in the highest form by paying it forward.


The Law of Attraction is not a divine catalog that allows you to shop anytime with no investment. When you take something from the Universe, you owe something in return. Gratitude is definitely something that needs to be expressed and acted upon.

That’s just one element of a greater whole. To truly accept the Law of Attraction into your life, you acknowledge that you create your own reality. No more whining about what this person did to you or how you were cheated in that job.

Those are negatives. When you focus on the broken relationship or getting laid off from your job, you’re directing your energy toward negatives, not positives. It’s simple math – add all of the negative numbers you want and you still get a negative number!

You won’t create abundance out of negative energy. In fact, you block positive energy and the fulfillment of your dreams. The partner who left you and the boss who let you go only hurt you one time.

Every time you re-play those scenes and focus on how much you are hurting, you’re pushing away the positive energy needed to turn your life around.

When you focus on asking for exactly what you want, believing that you can have it and showing gratitude for what you receive, then you discover the age old secret to having the life you want.

The Law of Attraction is more than bringing things into your life. You can apply the Ask, Believe, and Receive approach to turn around a cycle of dead end jobs, lack of education, poor relationship choices or low self-image.

The Law of Attraction is just as powerful when you ask to find a mentor who will help you understand how to position yourself to get a career instead of a job. Believe that this mentor is nearby and will soon make contact with you.

Remember to be open to whoever that mentor may be. You might be surprised if the mentor is someone you already know and never thought to ask for help. When the mentor offers to work with you, believe that you can succeed with direction and receive the success that your effort brings.


The most damaging voice you hear is often the one inside your head. Negative self-talk may come from what you heard as a child, as a student, as a worker or while in a relationship with someone.

Worst of all, the negatives are how you put yourself down. The Law of Attraction works with positives. Why would the Universe bother to give you more of something that’s harmful for you? You’re already allowing that and look what that’s done to you.

As with the peaches example, to harvest peaches you have to focus on finding the peach tree orchard. Then you have to position yourself to pick the peaches and handle them properly after picking them or they rot in the basket.

Positive Affirmations are a way to position yourself in a relationship with the Universe.

Positive affirmations are daily exercises that are so important to re-aligning your relationship to the positive energy of the Universe. These are statements of fact. You affirm their truth when you embrace that truth.

Take care to write your affirmations in the positive and present, but be careful. Look at this example:

“I will be a top coach one day.” That sounds positive, but wait -can you spot the catch? “One day” could be tomorrow, next week, or twenty years from now. That’s almost a negative because it doesn’t state a goal that can be realized in a specific time.  Some one once told me, “Someday is today.”

“I will become a top coach within 90-days from using the GamePlan everyday.”

Now that’s a positive affirmation that wraps in a timeline and the completion of a goal. By finishing my committing to the GamePlan each and everyday, you’re taking steps toward your dream. Setting a timeline of 90-days after finishing the course gives you a transition period to the new career.

If your belief system is strong and you are living fully in the positive, you can set that timeline to 30 days after finishing the course and be ready to receive. Some people even go as far as to state, “I am a top recruiter,” making it effective immediately.

Other positive affirmations build up your self-esteem such as:

“I accept that I am worthy to receive abundance.”

This is a broad affirmation, which opens to any possibilities of abundance. You may find that the Universe brings to you an abundance of supportive friends, career opportunities, creative talent or inner peace.

By not placing limits on what abundance means, you are open to receive treasures that you never even thought to ask for before. As you state the truth that you are worthy to receive, then you also free yourself from negative self-image or hurtful memories that caused you to feel unworthy in the first place.If you only received this as your gift, how rich would you be? Yet the Universe is likely to give even more because you are free to receive.


That’s the first question some people ask after hearing about the Law of Attraction.

“Well, it must be for highly intelligent people.”

“It’s only for people who are lucky.”

“This must take a lot of blood, sweat and tears to see some results.”

Not one of those statements has any truth. The Law of Attraction works the same for college graduates as it does for high school dropouts. Luck is connected with gambling and the Law of Attraction is about possibility not probability.

As for how much work it takes, the Law of Attraction is worked out inside your head, not with your hands or feet. In fact, once you grasp the power of human energy in the Universe, you’ll understand that if you’re sweating and struggling, then you’re doing it wrong.


As you repeat daily positive affirmations and change your negative thinking patterns into positive focus, you make some astounding discoveries. Suddenly you’re in the right place at the right time to meet someone or secure a promotion.

Even little things work out.

You’re standing in a long line to get concert tickets when a man hands you front row seats because he just got called to handle an emergency and can’t stay for the show. Don’t you dare say, “I’m so lucky!”

Instead say, “I just received abundance that is exactly what I wanted. I thank the Supreme Being (or Universe) for these tickets.” And then find a way to give back.That’s only the beginning.

Instead of living in uncertainty and despair, you have a life full of possibilities. You attract what you want and need because you are focused, confident and secure in your beliefs.

The Law of Attraction becomes a way of life that brings -not just material well-being, but emotional well being, too.

The more you practice the Law of Attraction in every aspect of your life, you’ll find that getting a new car, job or home is wonderful, but it’s not even the most amazing aspect of this process.

The Law of Attraction would be just a cheap parlor trick if it were only about getting more stuff. The highest use of the Law of Attraction is in helping you become your best self and instilling in you the desire to help others help themselves.

You will notice that I have a lot of links above to help you easily do additional research on the Law of Attraction I encourage you to click on the link to learn more.
Make it a great day!
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