What will your 2012 contain

Well we are half way through the month of January already…people are continuing in their busy ways, waking up each day, doing the same thing they did yesterday. Why? Perhaps because they did it the day before…or just cuz? Or because they are fine where they are. Screw the fine you! Do you know what that means?! It means you are screwing yourself over with that mentality. Do you want to get what you want? Take a moment and be selfish…think about WHAT YOU WANT! What sounds good to you? Forget about the others think?

  • Do you want to lose weight?
  • Start a business?
  • Take the lead in a play?

What do you want? Its a new year…what ever it may be…it might start with your eating. When was the last time you Googled a solution to what you want…well guess what….if someone else has already done it you can as well. All your information is at your library, bookstore, internet, or from a subject matter expert.

But this is what will hold you back…..FINE. “I’m fine”….dragging around the extra forty pounds of weight, but I’m fine.  No sex within your relationship, but I’m fine.  Job sucks, but I’m fine.

But are you just fine….if you are fine you don’t have to do anything about it. So you may as well curl up and let your life because thats basically what you are doing.


All to often the thing that you want is simple to get,  however you have convinced yourself that you are fine, and you don’t need it…its the reason why you aren’t pushing yourself.  Broke freakn mindset…annoyance ARGHH!.

Did you know that scientists have calculated the odds of you being born to your parents…with the DNA structure you have is like 1 in 400 trillion!


All day long we have ideas.  We think of things…what they are, I don’t know as its different for each person.  However this much I do know….all to often we hit the inner snooze button on them!

Whats the inner snooze button you ask?  Well lets see…alarm goes off in the morning and instead of saying, I hear you, I’m up, I’m up, I’m up…and getting up ready to tackle your challenges and create your amazing future you do this….

That’s the first thing you decided this morning wasn’t it…..”I’m gonna go back to sleep.”  This is the precipice of any area of your life for the remainder of the day.  You are never gonna feel like it.  The force to bust out from autopilot to bust out of the bed in the morning.  Throw the sheets off and start your day.  This goes back to the ideas you may have as well…write the damn thing down and then act on it as you build the idea.  Take some activation energy and parent yourself.  Its your job to do the crap you don’t want to do, so you can be what you can be….1 in 400 trillion!  Stop with the putting things on hold, and put it into effect each day.

Its very very simple to get what you want…you must force yourself.  You have 2 things that most deal with they are AUTOPILOT or EMERGENCY BREAK.  Every time you get off course, (doing something that is uncomfortable, you hit the emergency break, and then float back into autopilot).

If you feel broke and unsatisfied in life, it is probably you are bored.  Force yourself to be uncomfortable, to grow in something new, to get out from behind the computer, pick up the phone.  Do the thing that is most uncomfortable to you.  Your feelings are what are screwing you.  I don’t care how you feel…cuz you will never feel like it.  Get outside your comfort zone.

Have you heard of the 5 second rule?  If you have the impulse to do something (dancing, congratulate someone on a speech, speak to someone that you don’t know, start something that you want), if you don’t start it within 5 seconds, and make the move you will pull the EMERGENCY BREAK!

If I’m to do anything to help you get what you want, you need to walk over and ask, send the email, or make the contact.  To your future in 2012 and beyond.

-Coach B

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