How Good is Your Word?

How Good is Your Word?

I have been diligent in ensuring I get a power half hour done each morning.  This morning I was studying a passage of scripture that really hit me, and it was one that I had read numerous times over many years.  It had to do with the subject, How Good is Your Word?  It used to be when one said, I give you my word, I’m committed, I won’t fail you, all really were said with backing, they meant what they said and they said what they meant.  Today it seems just the opposite.


How Good is Your Word in Ancient Times…

In times long ago when one made an oath, or committed to accomplish something it was most sacred and inviolable.  According to a scholar it was said that to take IWillGoAndDoan oath was a holy thing, and wo to him who swears falsely; his social standing will be damaged and his reputation ruined.  The story I read was that of a Prophet by the name of Nephi.  He was asked to go on a quest by his father, and he would be accompanied by his 3 brothers.  This journey was no small undertaking…and though Nephi’s brothers murmured saying this thing you ask of us is hard, Nephi spoke with power and focus saying, “I will go and do the things which the Lord hath commanded, for I know that the Lord giveth no commandments unto the children of men, save he shall prepare a way for them that they may accomplish the thing which he commandeth them.” (1 Nephi 3:7)   This commitment and believe that Nephi showed was something to behold.  It struck me that he was a man of unwaivering faith and put his focus into his God who would deliver him through the trial of this journey that lay ahead for them.  The story goes on and after they had obtained that which they were asked to aquire began their journey back, however there was another part of the story involving one’s word, a servant of the king named Zoram that he tried to run, but Nephi, “spoke unto him with an oath that he need not fear,” and Zoram did take courage at the words that Nephi spoke and he made an oath with Nephi and his brothers…now get this part….when Zoram had made the oath with them it says, “our fears did cease concerning him.”

How Good is Your Word today…

Now you have stuck with me this far…and you are saying how does this affect…my fitness and my health…after all we are on right?  Well this is how it relates…you have goals, you have dreams, and you have your word.  You made a commitment to your trainer, your coach, to YOU to make these goals, and dreams happen.  So you fell off the truck….why has it taken a week…6 weeks….6 months to get back on?  Some never get back on….so ask yourself…. How Good is Your Word will your word take you toward your goals, and dreams, and help you accomplish your vision of fitness, or will it leave your trainer, your coach, your workouts wondering why you started in the first place?  I believe you word is the one thing that you should value more than anything in this life…it is your word that keeps your faith strong, your word that drives you toward you goals, and dreams, your word that upholds the commitments you made….so now is the time, now is the time to stop waivering, waffleing and stumbling…now is the time to ensure your word, your commitment, your oath to getting healthy and fit…of reaching those goals you told me you wanted to accomplish….SOMEDAY IS TODAY.

How Good is Your Word

How Good is Your Word

-Coach B.

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