Do An Honest Evaluation of Yourself and Your Business

I listened to the National Coach Call from 10/17/11 ( and a few things Lauren talked about REALLY hit home with me. First, I’m a perfectionist to a T, and I have a desire for people to like me! This includes my current coaches. However, I realize that I’m not doing you a favor if I’m not totally honest with you. If I start an accountability group, and you don’t do what I’m asking of you, asking you to step up or to leave, and come back when you’re ready will HELP you. If you ask me what you should be doing to grow your business, me telling you to keep doing what you’re doing isn’t helping you. If you’re sitting here thinking, my business isn’t moving forward but I’m doing everything I should be, do me a favor and look at these things and be HONEST when you answer them.

  • Are you honestly adding 2-5 people PER day to your network? And once you add them, are you building relationships with them BEFORE jumping into the business conversation?
  • Are you talking to 2 people MINIMUM per day about Beachbody? It doesn’t count if you tell someone I do P90X. You need to get the conversation to the point where you share something with them, like an invitation the business opportunity webinar, or information about Shakeology, or having them sign up as a customer so they can try a sample of Shakeology. If you’re not talking to a minimum of 14 people per week, then you DO have room to improve!
  • Do you think you ran out of people to talk to? You didn’t. Go in your online office, find the memory jogger and get to work on making a list of people that you can talk to. Go through your facebook contacts and write down everyone who isn’t a coach or isn’t already a customer, people you haven’t talked to about Beachbody yet. You will ALWAYS have people to talk to ESPECIALLY if you’re always adding new people to your network.
  • Are you accepting your bad habits, or are you working to change them? For example, “I’m bad at time management and that’s just the way I am”. You need to be good at time management, so read a book on how to improve it! You can always improve and personal development is HUGE here! Maybe you’re down on yourself because you’re a perfectionist and talk down to yourself. Read a book about building confidence and speaking to yourself positively! There’s a difference between accepting yourself the way you are and using bad habits as an excuse to not change!
  • Are you making a to do list everyday, centered around the game plan? For example, make 5 new contacts today, talking to 2 people about Beachbody, follow up with so and so on Shakeology samples or to find out if they watched that webinar, read my 10 pages of personal development today, check my online office for new customers, coach statuses and find out what’s new in Beachbody, get on the conference calls.
  • Are you plugging into the training and conference calls available to you? If you think the leaders in the company got where they are by working on their own, you’re so wrong. They got to where they are by watching other leaders, getting on the conference calls and listening to leaders and successful coaches, and keeping up to date on all of the announcements. Stop relying on your upline to tell you when the calls are and what the#’s for the calls are – put them in your phone, in your calendar and take initiative to get on those calls! And don’t rely on your leaders to tell you the big announcements – we can all see what’s going on by going into our online offices DAILY and finding the details ourselves.
  • Are you expecting your upline to be the reason you’re successful or fail? News flash: This is YOUR business! Yes, we are here to help you learn the system that works, to plug you into the training and the calls, answer questions for you, and you guide you. We can’t work the business for you, we can’t have the motivation for you, and we can’t do the work for you. It’s up to YOU to plug into the calls, plug into the training, find the people and share with them, follow up with them, have a tracking system that works for you, and work the game plan daily.
  • Do you think that by working totally on your own is the answer, and distancing yourself from the team and your upline is best for you? Think again, then go back and listen to the National Coach call from 10/3/11. ( It’s all about a coach who started off working totally on his own, ignoring the calls and trainings and tips that his upline gave him, and ultimately him putting in his coach cancellation form. At that point, when Josh, his upline, reached out to him, he honestly told him WHY he was failing – he was trying to do things from scratch rather than plugging into the system that works. Now he’s a multi-star diamond coach. Don’t do things the hard way, listen to the successful coaches – the #1 thing they will all tell you is USE The game plan and stay connected!
  • Do you think you don’t need to be on the accountability call? You would be wrong….You do! If you have a goal to build your business, it’s easy to slip back and skip sharing with 2 people today if you have no one to report to! Get on the call, it’s 15 minutes and gives you a forum to tell ME what you did this week.
  • Are you tracking your activities? It can be an index card system, an excel spreadsheet, a cool iPhone or Android App (SPRINGPAD or EVERNOTE), a notebook – some sort of system that works for you.  This Spreadsheet is AWESOME (CLICK FOR DOWNLOAD) If you’re doing everything right, you’re going to making a TON of new contacts and you can easily lose track of who’s who. Track who they are, how you met them, what date, specific things about them, what you’ve talked about – this way when the conversation comes to sharing something about Beachbody, you KNOW them and you know WHY you want to be in business with them.

If you answered these questions and think you have a specific area you need to work on, let me know! I can point you to the right direction to get better at these things. I will be honest with you (in a nice way of course), I will keep you focused, and if you’re missing on a call or I haven’t heard from you, you’ll hear from me. But in order for me to DO this, you have to reach out to me and tell me honestly what areas you need to improve upon so I can help. When I say help, I mean support you – not do the work for you. BIG DIFFERENCE!

I love you all, I think you’re amazing and that’s why I’m happy to have you on my team! I want you to succeed and that’s why I’m putting this out there. I will push you, if you push back and keep trying; but if I’m constantly having to pull you back up after going MIA, well, I’ll stop. To be fair to those who are willing, I can’t commit my time to people who don’t want this; the ones who are willing and plug into what Team Beachbody and the Team has to offer are the ones who deserve the time!

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