Greatness Is Within You

Greatness–It Is Within You!

I don’t spend much time watching television, but like many this summer I cheered on Olympic athletes during the biggest event of many of their lives.  I was in awe, loved watching them accomplish amazing goals, hitting records, and creating new ones.  I wondered, “What makes them so great?”
They aren’t just talented. They work hard for it.  The truth is, greatness is in all of us.  Are you willing to work for it?
This commercial played during the Olympics and captured me. Take a look. Greatness isn’t a gift at birth. It’s not in our DNA. It’s about having the guts to be great. It’s about believing in other people’s greatness and helping them find it. That is my passion.  I want to help you take it to the next level as well.
Set a goal for September, something out of the norm. It may be to read an inspiring book, train for an event, sign up for a new program, or even volunteer for a community project. Greatness comes from getting uncomfortable and seeking new heights.

I’d love to hear your journey to greatness.

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