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Right Spiritual Mindset

Right Fitness Mindset

We all have those days, days when we feel like pulling the covers back over our head and disappearing for a few more hours.  Of course we have responsibilities and such that eventually we must throw them back and get up….today was not that day.

I woke up for my new commitment, I’m coining it, Power Half Hour….the alarm goes off at 5:30am…I got up, put on my workout clothes, and then spent some quiet meditation time, between my God and me.  The house was quiet and I was able to feel good about my time spent for those 30 mins….a particular verse that stood out, “And it came to pass that as he read, he was filled with the Spirit of the Lord.” – reference: 1 Nephi 1:3.   Mind you I haven’t been diligent in doing this, and it wasn’t easy, however I have a new mindset due to some good friends, and look forward to many more of these Power Half Hours, and what they teach me about having a Right Fitness Mindset.

What does it mean to have the Right Fitness Mindset

Now you are thinking…well fitness means moving weights and moving your body…..well in my book it means building all elements of your life, body, mind, spirit, and even financial.

The ability to grow in all areas of your life is of great importance.  I understand that at times you must give one more attention than the other.  This article is not here to tell you what is the most important either, as we have different beliefs but truly what it means to have the Right Fitness Mindset would be that you build up all aspects in your life.  Challenging yourself just like you would in trying to lift a heavier weight on the next set.  My personal challenge in this is going to be the waking up at 5:30am….I tend to burn the candle on both ends…staying up late, and waking early.  What is the challenge you are going to have as you build your Fitness Mindset?

This isn’t an easy task, however my resolve is to do this daily to be healthy in all aspects of my fitness.  To get more creative.  To feast and learn and grow myself in all walks of fitness.  To truly have a Right Fitness Mindset.

Comment below about how your prioritize your fitness mindset.

Coach B.


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