Ive gone Emerald Now What

What to do Once You’ve Gone Emerald!

  1. WOOHOO!  Celebrate!
  2. Hold a Getting Started Right Call with your new coaches!  I can definitely do this as a 3 way call with you if you’re not sure exactly how to hold one!  Also, check out Larry’s Call #2 above as it walks you through having a GSR with a new coach or 90 Days to Diamond Craig Holiday Week 5!
  3. Send your new coach a welcome email with some steps to get started, including some times you’re available for a GSR with them.  Here’s my new coach email!
  4. Make SURE you qualify for the Customer Leads Program.  Here are the requirements:
  • The Coach must be a paid rank of Emerald or above
  • The Coach must be an active Team Beachbody Club Member ($39.95 per quarter, totally worth it!)
  • The Coach must have completed the profile page of their team Beachbody website, inclusive of abio and a before photo (or in the case of a business account, a photo of the primary contact person for that Coach Business Center
  • The Coach must have worked out “real time” in WOWY Super Gym at least 8 times in the preceding 30 days (that is, entered their workout within the same calendar day) – this means using the Work Out Now option in WOWY (scheduling and one-click workout doesn’t count)
  • The Coach must not be delinquent in paying any business service fees or been found to be in
    material violation of any of the Company’s Policies & Procedures for six months prior to the
    lead assignment.

Contacting Your Customer Leads

Now that you qualify for the Customer Lead program, you’re going to want to start checking on a daily basis for new customers in your online office.  TO do this, log in, go to My Alerts at the bottom, and see “You have ### new Customers.”  Click on that and it’ll bring up your new customers.  You should see one every day or 2!  If they have an email address, I recommend sending them a welcome email.  Here are some examples of a welcome email, please word it so that it sounds like you!  You can also give them a call if they have a phone # listed, and just introduce yourself as their coach and get to know them!  Focus on building a relationship with them!

Examples of customer lead welcome emails

If they have an email address listed, I also highly recommend looking for them on facebook.  After you have sent them welcome email, copy their email address into the search bar on Facebook and see if they are on there.  If they are, send them a message letting them know you’re their Beachbody coach and you sent them an email and you just wanted to connect on Facebook to get to know each other better.  Ask them to send you a friend request.

If you have a customer who doesn’t have an email listed, but it says “Restricted”, you can send them a message through your online office.  Just click send bulk email, check the person listed as Restricted, and send the same welcome email through your online office.  I would add in there that you would love to connect on Facebook and give them your link :-)

Team Cycle Bonuses

You’re also going to be eligible for team cycle bonuses!  Team Volume is generated by the sales of the Coaches in the left and right legs of your entire downline organization, regardless of depth. When the accumulated Team Volume totals 300 TV, with a minimum of 1/3 of the TV (100 TV) in one leg and 2/3 of the TV (200) you earn a cycle. The 300 TV used for the cycle will be deducted from the appropriate Left and Right volume totals. The remaining volume will carry over to be applied towards your next cycle. You may cycle up to 96 cycles a day.

Emerald cycles are $14, $16 for Ruby, and $18 for Diamond or above!

It’s hard to read about, so I like this video that Ember Neville did that explains team cycle bonuses! (Her video has the wrong #’s for a team cycle, just remember 100/200 is the new one!)  This is another good video that Jenelle did as well!

Get in the Habit of Checking your Online Office!

The last thing you want is for one of your coaches to go inactive for some reason causing you to lose your active Emerald status!  Make sure you are checking your downline status regularly.  To do this, get in the habit of AT LEAST checking this every Wednesday as at midnight that night is when any rank changes will occur.  Go into your online office, click My Business, My Downline, Sponsorship Drilldown.  You want to make sure that none of your coaches are in danger of going Inactive – you would see them flashing Inactive if it were about to happen.  Make sure you contact them RIGHT AWAY and get the issue taken care of!

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