Learn how to avoid these common mistakes in coaching

When I first started as a coach, I listened to a call where Christine Dwyer had some of her top coaches share some
common mistakes that they made in the beginning.  This call was GREAT!

Basic Mistakes

1)   Failing to load pictures of yourself on your TeamBeachbody.Com profile

a)      Even if you load pictures that aren’t truly before or after pics,
these are needed to make you an active creditable coach.

b)     Forgetting to put your picture on your Shakeology and your Beachbody Coach and Ultimate Reset website (done in the back office)

c)      Forgetting to put your bio in your TeamBeachbody.com profile

d)      Again, you need this in order to be an active and creditable coach

e)      The bio must be 500 words to be complete  (I need to reconfirm this in policies and procedures)

2)   Once you hit Emerald especially, forgetting to log your workouts in WOWY Supergym

a)      Remember, the only ones that count are the ones when you “Work Out Now”

b)     Scheduling a workout or putting a completed workout in doesn’t count

i)     Tip: If you forget to log your workout while you are working
out, you can go In and click workout now even after your workout – you
don’t have to log it as you are working out!

3)   Not knowing your web address

a)      You NEED to know this because you need to be able to give it to potential customers at the
spur of the moment in order to get business

i)     Here are your 4 Sites:

(1)www.beachbodycoach.com/screenname for where they can buy stuff. 

(2)www.TeamBeachbody.com/screenname is where they can go directly to your profile.

(3)www.shakeology/com/screenname is where they can go to read all about Shakeology and even purchase it from you.

www.ultimatereset.com/screenname is where they can learn about the amazing product Beachbody Ultimate Reset and purchase it as well.

4)   Forgetting to change your Preferred Placement

a)      Remember, in order to become Emerald, you need to have one active coach on your right leg and one on your left leg.  If you sponsor a coach and they are on your
right leg, go in and change your preferred placement to left leg, so that when the next one signs up, you’ll become Emerald.

i)     To get to preferred placement, go to your coach online office -> My Business -> Preferred Placement.

ii)   Tips:

(1)Know where all of your coaches sit – you can see this by going to your Team Beachbody.com -> Coach -> Coach Online office -> My Business -> My Downline -> Graphical Genealogy

(2)Know where you are going, what your next rank target is and what it means

(3)Know your account and coach ID – make sure you know what your coaches are doing and help them if they are going to be inactive.

 Prospecting & Building your business/Product Representation

  1. Sending samples and not following up
    1. These cost money!  Make sure you find out what they thought and see if you can help them get started on Shakeology.
    2. Also, make sure you qualify them to get a sample.  My personal mistake, sending samples to anyone, even if they are not my customers.  Those
      cost $ and if they buy it, someone else reaps the benefit!  Have them sign up as your customer, or if they have a coach, refer them to their coach to get a sample.  If their coach won’t give them one, they might come and sign up with you!  If they come back and won’t switch, you can always offer to send one and charge them a few $$ for it.
    3. Sending samples out to anyone even if they don’t ask can run out your supply for people who really are interested.  Let people come to you when you tell them about it!
    4. Once Emerald, you must sign up for the club membership to be an active Emerald coach
      1. If you don’t sign up for it, you won’t be handed customers for free from Beachbody.  It’s worth the $39.95/quarter to be given business (COACH REFERRALS)!
    5. Not following up with potential customers/coaches
      1. Keep track of who you’ve sent samples to, who’s asked about products, or people who have expressed interest in coaching.  I do this via a spreadsheet and email or Facebook them a private message.
    6. Forgetting to check your status every Wednesday night
      1. Remember, Beachbody pays every Thursday and therefore, you have until Wednesday at 12 AM EST to get all of your business in to
        make sure you don’t go inactive!
    7. Check alerts – these will tell you if one of your personally sponsored coaches is going to be come inactive and you can potentially help them
      and therefore, yourself!

 General Company Info

1)Set up your account to do EFT (electronic funds transfer) instead of receiving a paper
paycheck  NOTE –
If you get
a regular check, Beachbody will charge you $2.50 each

i)     To set it up in your online office, go to My Business -> My EFT Management.

2)   Remember that the end of the business week is Wednesday, 12AM EST!

a)    Also, it’s a week-to-week business.  If you buy something on Thursday to be active, it won’t be reflected until that following Thursday when the business is updated.

i)     If you sign 2 coaches in one week to become Emerald, the coaches will show up immediately, but your status won’t change until that following Thursday morning as well.


1.   Relying to heavily on your sponsor You need to own your own business to succeed and become

b)  Research questions on your own before asking your upline coach

c)   This will help you become more independent, find what works for you, and educate you giving you the confidence to market the products to others on your own!  This will also help when you sign a new coach – you can figure out how you want to lead your own team as it grows

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