Lets Get You Started Out Right!

Let’s Get you Started Out RIGHT!

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First again I wanted  WELCOME you all to team go getters! Below I will explain how to get going with this business and the first steps you should take

1. Commit (mindset in this business is HUGE so right off the bat COMMIT to this and plug in to your upline & star diamond upline coaches. This is extremely doable an possible for you but it starts with YOU believing that) There are a ton of recorded calls & Book Recommendations at www.TeamGoGettersTraining.com (password : beherein1year ) CLICK HERE for Book Recommendations


2. Know your Website: www.beachbodycoach.com/YourUserName this is the site you will send people to join your team, order from your site, and sign up for a free/club membership. You CAN get a personalized URL if you want to from www.GoDaddy.com and just forward it to your website. Look for the how to steps in your Coach Manual (CLICK HERE for Coach Manual and print it off)


3. Get on Shakeology & a Fitness Program. You dont have to be an expert at everything single thing or anything at all but this business is about SHARING with others what you LOVE. Being a product of the product is what will lead you to success so pick a fitness program & your flavor of shakeology and start leading by example for everyone to see.


4. Explaining the products or this business to others: NO WORRIES as a new coach all you want to do is point your prospects, friends, and family to training your team provides FOR YOU! Webinar Link on coaching & products: http://teamgogetters.mindywenderfitness.com/what-is-beachbody-coaching-why-should-you-join/


OR here is a few examples of what to say on coaching, shakeology, etc in writing: http://teamgogetters.mindywenderfitness.com/new-coach-training/how-to/example-of-what-to-say/


  1. Beachbody Challenges: Learn how to be a coach  & earn $$ …. up to $350 in your first 30 days by hosting a 2-5 person challenge. We have developed SO much training on how to host a successful challenge so here is that info for you, you just need to bring a POSITIVE mindset and go for it. As always ask your upline for assistance.
  • Document: How to host a Challenge: CLICK HERE
  • Document: Everything you need to know how Challenges: CLICK HERE
  • Audio: Jenelle Summers explains How to Host a challenge and tips: CLICK HERE




Additional Info:

How to Earn Retailhttp://teamgogetters.mindywenderfitness.com/new-coach-training/how-to-earn-as-a-new-coach-retail/

What is Team Cycle Bonus: http://teamgogetters.mindywenderfitness.com/new-coach-training/team-cycle-bonus-explained-by-jenelle/

How to Earn Team Cycle Bonushttp://teamgogetters.mindywenderfitness.com/new-coach-training/how-to-earn-as-a-new-coach-team-cycle-bonus/


This is a quick start to success guide but make sure to contact your upline coach to schedule a Getting Started Right call (those call are VERY helpful you won’t be sorry) and after you have done that know to just take it one day at a time and try not to let yourself feel overwhelmed (although I think we all felt that way when we first started hehe) It will all click with time I promise. 


Next Steps: 

1. Schedule Getting started right call with your upline (otherwise CLICK HERE for a  recording of one of my Getting Started Right Calls )

2. Plug into the Coach Training Academy (schedule the trainings on your calendar) & then move onto www.TeamGoGettersTraining.com password beherein1year

3. Follow The Game Plan consistently every day.  CLICK HERE FOR GAME PLAN TO DO LIST

4. Learn how to go Emerald & Set a goal/goal date to do so. CLICK HERE  to listen to call explaining

5. Watch Training on Prospecting 101: http://teamgogetters.mindywenderfitness.com/new-coach-training/prospecting/ and make your list of 100 names if you haven’t already done so.

6. Schedule your FIRST Challenge (give at least 2 weeks to invite invite invite)

7. Go through the 90 Days to Diamond Training Series: CLICK HERE (just go to www.TeamGoGettersTraining.com/Training Series Tab/90-Day to Diamond/Weekly Training Schedule/ Then you will see week 1, week 2, etc

8. Follow my POWER HOUR To Do List: CLICK HERE  (1. Add new people/Meet new ppl 2. Return Messages 3. 2 Shares per day (present the biz to 3-5 ppl weekly using tools above) 4. Follow Up 5. Track progress 6. Invite 3-5 ppl to your challenge

9. Plug into the weekly team calls (IMPORTANT CALLS ARE: Monday: National Coach Call Wednesday: Team Go Getters Team Call Thurs: Platinum Presenters Calls CLICK HERE for call info )

10. ASK FOR HELP!!! Always feel free to contact your upline coach or your Diamond Upline Coach! Thats what we are here for.

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