Mastering the 5 Step Challenge Invitation


STEP 1—INITIAL INVITE (if you are reaching out to them first)

“Hey Joe, we’re starting this (90/60) Day Beachbody Challenge group and have space for just a few more people. I’m coming to you first and giving you the first opportunity to take a look before I start inviting this long list of people. Would you like to hear more about that?”

SIDE NOTES *** You are NOT trying to give them all the information in the first message. Ask them if they want to hear more, and if they do then go to the second message.

STEP 2—ENGAGE WITH A QUESTION (if they reach out to you first, START HERE)

“Hey Joe, thanks for asking me about the Beachbody Challenge. I’ll send some details and a video in another message, but first, I have to ask why you’re curious about this challenge? What makes you want to know more about our group? The more I know about why you’re interested, the better I can help you by directing you to the best information.”

SIDE NOTES *** They’re coming to you—this is a great chance for you to ask one or two questions and really get THEM to reflect on THEIR “WHY” . . . Taking a moment to slow down and ask “WHY” they’re asking will build a deeper value for them and a deeper relationship with you, and the probability of them joining the group will increase.

STEP 3—SHOW THE “INTRODUCING THE BEACHBODY CHALLENGE” VIDEO (if they want more information, or if they offer some type of objection)

“Wow, Joe! I totally understand! I have no doubt that this Challenge group will help you(REPEAT THEIR WHY FROM STEP 2). You’ve made a great choice to take a look.”

“We’re forming a Challenge group based on the Beachbody Challenge. Here’s a short 5-minute video explaining more. Watch this video, and if you’re still serious about getting the absolute best results in the shortest amount of time I’ll connect you to the next step! When can you watch this video? Right now . . . or later today? I simply need to know when you are ready for the next step, which includes sharing additional information such as specific details, what we’re committing to, and what you can expect to gain! Sound fair?”


TIP: To share this video from the Coach Online Office, go to the “Video Library”, select “Recruiting” and “Opportunity” from the left navigation, and choose the “Beachbody Challenge” video. Once it’s playing, click the “Share” feature and hit “Copy Link”. Now you have a link with your Coach ID–and when a prospect clicks it, they’ll be taken to your personalized Coach Web site.

SIDE NOTES *** If they have an objection, don’t argue facts, simply lead them to a tool like the video, or point them to stories of people with results.

IF NO RESPONSE TRY THIS: “Hey Joe! Not sure where we left this off. I already have people taking spots and moving forward and I just want to make sure I don’t leave you out on accident. Did you have a chance to watch that video? I know you were serious about (Repeat Their Why from Step #2). Did you want the details or should I go ahead and give your spot to someone else and move you to the list for next month?”

STEP 4—SPECIFIC DETAILS, COMMITMENTS, and EXPECTATIONS (after they watch video and still show interest in a spot in your Challenge Group)

“Wow, Joe! Sounds like you’re completely serious about (REPEAT THEIR WHY FROM STEP 2 AGAIN). I have no doubt this Challenge group will help you get the absolute BEST results.

Here’s the deal . . . it’s simple!


The commitment is (90/60) days of a Beachbody® workout program, Shakeology®, and the Challenge Group accountability page. You commit to the Beachbody workout program of your choice, Shakeology once a day, and a Challenge Group spot for accountability and support. We all work together and help each other WIN! This is a proven and simple formula, and those who commit are much more likely to finish and GET THE ABSOLUTE BEST RESULTS!

—You do everything at home, on your time and your schedule. No in-person meetings or group workouts.

—Group interaction is all done on Facebook, so you can post along with the team each day.

The Challenge Group begins on (day of week) (add start date). The initial investment is between FREE and $205 depending on what you have or need to get started. Do you already have your preferred Beachbody program? Shakeology? Or do you need to order both?”

SIDE NOTES *** This is simple and direct, and clearly expresses the commitment they’re making, and the results and return they’ll get if they become a group member.

**** This also gets them telling you WHAT items they need to get started. You can now SORT them into what they need to order, and how to ENROLL them (with a Challenge Pack if they need both the program and the Shakeology).

STEP 5—SETTING THE ENROLLMENT APPOINTMENT (if they tell you what they need to get started and take a Challenge group spot)

“OK, great! Most people enroll with a Challenge Pack, which includes your workout of choice and first month of Shakeology, which is exactly what you need. I’ll send you the steps to enroll with the Challenge pack, you place your order, and we’ll add you to the Group. Takes about 10 minutes to enroll. Sound good?”

“OK, great! Sounds like you already have your preferred workout program and simply need to get Shakeology! I can either send you the Step by Step process to enroll and order, or we can get on the phone and walk you through the process. Which is best for you?”

SIDE NOTES *** Always give them two options for contacting them—either by phone or by message (email/text). If by phone, give them two appointment options.


1) Go to (put in YOUR Web site)

2) Click “Coach” button—then click “Yes! I want to be a Coach” on pop-up screen

3) Fill out Coach Information page, check three boxes at bottom and sign, and click “Continue My Enrollment” button

4) Pick your Challenge Pack/pick your a la carte items

5) Check out

6) Set up the Get Started Right Interview with your Sponsoring Coach


1) Go to (put in YOUR website)

2) Scroll down and Click the “Beachbody Challenge” Ad Banner on right side (Coaches must edit their website to have this banner)

3) Click “Take the Beachbody Challenge” button

4) Enter your Beachbody Challenge info to enroll as an Official Challenger

5) Choose Challenge Pack

6) Checkout

7) Notify your Coach that your order is complete so they can verify it went through properly


1) Go to (put in YOUR website)

2) Click “Shop”

3) Choose “Shakeology” and order bag or packets of your choice (free shipping for home direct orders)

4) Checkout

5) Notify your Coach your order is complete so that they can verify it went through properly

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