Beachbody Ultimate Reset – Day 1 and 2

Okay lets start with what is the reset to get you up to date….

Now that you are updated on what the Reset is, lets take a look at my Day 1 and Day 2 activities…

Grocery Shopping Complete…Chandra and I had a great time procuring all the groceries…we spent a good time in the local super market as well as farmers market to get the needed items.  But it was an education and taking our time during this part of preparation gave me a better understand of whats really on the shelf that’s good for you at the supermarket. :)  Like I’ve been saying the Ultimate Reset is a lesson on how to fuel your body effectively, as well as restore yourself to a like new state.  Fitness for your organs is as important as your daily exercise, probably more important….after all we are what we eat, right?

Day 1…Was great…here are a few images of what I devoured throughout the day.




Day 2 was even better…the Salad for lunch was INCREDIBLE

I will admit that I had cravings to snack and pop some almonds and even craved a protein bar…but I stuck to my guns and the reset and didn’t indulge.  Yay me! :)  My wife was stalwart as well.  We stayed hydrated throughout both days with our water intake, I completed an entire gallon for day 2.

Here is a look into the Ultimate Reset.  I hope you enjoy the short video below.

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