Running an Online Challenge Group

Running an online Challenge:
1) Set a start date that you know will work with YOUR schedule so that you’re prepared, not stressed;
2) ID what kind of challenge? If you’re new, open it to anyone who buys ShakeO HD or a challenge pack from your site. If they say they’re going to buy, ask them to text you when they do so that you don’t accidentally give up their spot in the group.. IF you’re only accepting a small group, which I recommend 3-10 people.
3) ID how many days your challenge go.. from what date to what date?
4) I think giving it a cool name helps!!
5) Promote it for 2 weeks! Talk to & message people individually about it..asking their goals. For people clicking “like” on your posts and showing interest, connect with them to identify WHAT they need & making honest recommendations for them to either
A) Join your focus group on Facebook aka your “challenge” or
B) Buy a BB product that meet their needs (but usually Shakeo + fitness will be best value & results!)
C) Become a coach themselves (if they already have everything, ..”i’m surprised you’re not a coach?”
D) Just keep on the track they’re on but keep in touch with you; ..
…but that advice is ONLY given after you know their needs!
6) Follow up the day before the “deadline date to order” (you have to give them a deadline to order because they will procrastinate or not even reply if there’s no sense of urgency..The deadline to order should be about 2 weeks before the challenge begins that they have time to get their product).
7) Create a Facebook group for those who met YOUR qualifications (it’s up to you) for being a part of the challenge. To create a Facebook group, go to Facebook, click “home” & look to the left-hand side for your existing groups. Beneath that list, you should see “Create a Group”, click it & add your participants to the group. I do this the day before the challenge begins. The day before it begins, I ask them to intro themselves/their weaknesses/their program/their goal and ask them to report in their measurements & weight and let them know they can keep this confidential if they want, but I encourage them to write it down somewhere. End of day 1, I ask them to report their workouts and their nutrition DAILY for everyday thereafter. Interact on their daily posts, cheer them on, relate to them, help them! Prize optional to the most inches and/or weight lost at the end of the 30days along with recognition on Facebook if they are ok with that :)
BB Challenges lead to :
  1. Earning Success Club = trips, assigned Shakeology customers, more income, confidence, etc!
  2. Making hundreds of dollars in your first month as a coach and hundreds if not thousands thereafter!
  3. A “buzz” for your business & establishes you as their go-to for support;
  4. Rank Advancement because people using products see results & life changes and they WANT to coach!
  5. Confidence building as you see your support changes lives! – it’s SO rewarding!
  6. Future customers and coaches as just PROMOTING your challenge gets the word out more than you know.. even if someone doesn’t buy now, doesn’t join now, or doesn’t seem to have remote interest.. they often do LATER if you handled it with integrity.
Overwhelmed? Make a to-do list, you’ll feel better & you’ll perform better!

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