Setting Preferred Placement

Preferred Placement is important for a new coach because in order to be Emerald, you need to have 1 active coach on your right, and 1 on your left.  If you don’t monitor preferred placement, you will run into the issue of having 2 coaches on 1 leg, which does NOT Qualify you for Emerald status!  So here’s what you need to do:

  1. Go into your online office
  2. Click on My Business
  3. Click My Preferred Placement
  4. Check the button to “Set Preferred Placement”
  5. Under Position, click either Right or Left

So if you have a new coach sign up, your first one ever, make sure you know which leg they went to.  If they went to your right leg, you’ll immediately want to go in and change your preferred placement to the left leg so that the next time a new coach signs up, you’ll be Emerald.  Get in the habit of always changing your preferred placement after a new coach signs up, until you’ve reach Diamond to make sure your legs are always balances.  Teach your coaches to do the same!!

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