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Let me guess, you’ve done the research, tried a sample, really intrigued, but you’re hesitant on Shakeology because it’s so expensive.  Ya know what I did too, not going to lie to you.   I was like “NO WAY is this going to become my daily meal, I cannot even afford to refill the toilet paper roll in the bathroom right now, and that’s just a ridiculous added expense”.  So I set it on the back burner for about a month and then it came back to me again, and that’s when I really started to contemplate a few things that I was doing and one of the biggest expenses I had was going out to lunch!! I was going out to lunch every day for between $6-$8 a day! (Math is not my best subject but based on a 5 day work week, that is a $30, and 4 weeks in a month equates to $120, and that’s on the low side.)  Well, okay for $4 a day I think I can replace my lunch with this shake and so I did.  Now, let’s break it down to see how you can get it even cheaper yet for a healthier option for lunch (or breakfast, dinner or snack!).

Shakeology costs $119.95.  That breaks down to $4 a day for a full meal as a customer, and $3 a day as a coach.  You can’t even get a $5 footlong, or a salad for that price!  And a lot of people spend a lot of $ on things like a Starbucks coffee or Dutch Bros each day and that is EXPENSIVE!  The last time I was at Starbucks, I ordered a  Hot Chocolate for like 4 bucks!!  There are ways to make Shakeology so that it tastes like one of those dessert coffees at Starbucks.  But guess what?  Making it with Shakeology, makes it HEALTHY!

Plus, I don’t take a single multivitamin or other supplements because Shakeology is FULL of vitamins and nutrients that have totally replaced those.   I don’t need my digestive enzymes, my whey protein, my multivitamins, or probiotics – it’s all in there!  If you were to buy a one month supply of all of the stuff that goes into Shakeology, it would cost $250 or more separately.

How to save Money on Shakeology

Option 1: When you order as a customer – order Shakeology on Home Direct (monthly autoship).  When you do this, you don’t pay shipping.  So depending on where you are located from California that can save you about $9-$15 per month.  There’s no time commitment for Home Direct, and if you’re not happy after 30 days, there’s a 30 day bottom of the bag guarantee.  Yep, it’s true – you can finish the whole bag and if you’re not satisfied, get your $ back.  But I bet after a month you will feel so good, be down in weight, and feeling like a million bucks – don’t just take my word for it though, try it! Signing up for autoship for 1 year saves you about $100-120 on shipping costs!

Option 2: You can also become a Club Member with Beachbody.  With a club membership, you save 10% on your Shakeology.  The club membership costs about $39/every 3 months and it comes with a lot of cool features like a personalized nutrition plan, 10% off your all of your purchases, cash prizes for working out, and VIP access to celebrity trainers!  This is a great option if you’re interested in a personalized meal plan, buy other things like vitamins, recovery formula, or P90X One on One monthly DVDS, or if you live outside of the US!

Option 3: Finally, the way to save the MOST money on your Shakeology is to simply become a Coach Member.  You can become a coach just for the discount, or we can work together to build your business for some extra income.  As a coach, you save 25% a month on your Shakeology!  That’s $30 you save!!  So here’s how it works.

Initially, you pay a $39.95 fee to sign up as a coach.  Every month after that, you pay a fee of $14.95.  This fee is basically to keep your websites up and all that stuff so you don’t have to worry about that.  So here’s the net savings per month.

Gross cost of Shakeology: $119.95

Shipping (approximate): $10

Total as a customer not on home direct: $129.95

Coach price:  25% off: $89.95

Monthly fee: $14.95

Coach price, with monthly fee: $104.90

Savings per month: $104.90 – $129.95 = $25.05 per month

Per year, that’s $300.60 you save as a coach! 
So, there it is!  I just wanted to share some options to save $ with Shakeology. Shakeology was the reason that I became a coach and it was only for the discount.  After simply referring a few friends to get on Shakeology, my monthly shipment was totally paid for and I was drinking it for free in no time.

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