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How I Use Social Media Daily

Here are the accounts I recommend setting up right away.

  • Your personal Facebook page
  • Your “fan” Facebook page (use your real name, not “Coach Jackie Damp”), and check your online office for instructions on creating an online store in facebook on this page!
  • Twitter (again, use your real name or something close)
  • Download Tweetdeck – it’s free and it’s an awesome application
  • Go to and create a free account


Setting up Tweetdeck

  • Once you download tweetdeck and open it, go into (the wrench on the top right corner) and go to Accounts
  • Select Add New Account
  • Add your twitter account, your Facebook page, and your Facebook like page

Setting up Hootsuite

  • Once you’ve created an account, click on the tab with a “+” and select “add a new stream”
  • Add a new stream within each new tab for your personal Facebook page, your like Facebook page, and your twitter account
  • Within each tab, go to the top left corner and click on “Add Stream”.  In “type of stream”, select “Pending tweets” (for twitter tab), and “Pending posts” (for Facebook tabs).

My Facebook Routine

  • Daily – I typically go to one of the workout fan pages on Facebook and post that I did whatever workout today.
  • Daily – While I’m on the fan workout page, I usually browse through some of the more recent posts people have made, and if they have questions, try to answer some of them.
  • Daily – I friend 2 people a day – usually from the fan pages where I’m posting about my workouts.  When I send a friend request, I’ll just say something like “I love P90X – nice to meet someone else who does as well!”
  • Daily – Track my prospects.  Once I send that friend request, I put them on a spreadsheet with the date I friended them, where I “met” them to friend them, a details column (this is where I’ll put anything I learn about them later like they are from Erie, they like dogs, etc), and a date I followed up.  The date I follow up is typically the date that they accept my request and I immediately reach out to them, like thanking them for accepting my request and finding ways to connect with them.  I don’t recommend putting in your friend request that you are a Beachbody coach – that doesn’t need to come up, they will discover that on their own after they get to know you and connect with you in other ways!
  • Once a friend request is accepted, I immediately make contact with them – it’s up to you if you want to initiate contact by posting on their wall or by sending them a direct message…whatever you’re comfortable with.
  • I check my prospects list in Facebook.  In Facebook, it can get very distracting trying to keep up with over 1,000 people on your friend list.  And let’s face it, a good chunk of our friends on Facebook are other coaches or people who have already told you they have no interest in working out, etc.  So I created a list that has prospects, all of my coaches, my customers and my close family/friends so that I can at least see what’s going on with them, and not get distracted by other people’s posts/pages.  And as I friend people and start to connect with them, if I feel like they are a prospect, I add them to this list.  So it will grow, but it still keeps you focused on the people that really need you!  It allows you to connect with them more and get to know them better.  This is very helpful when you’re short on time and don’t have time to look at everyone’s status!
  • Here’s how to create a list – go into facebook, then when you’re at your home page, go to “Friends”, then “Edit Friends”, then “Create a List” and add whoever you want
  • To see what’s going on with people in that list, when you’re on your “Home” in Facebook, click “Most Recent” and an arrow will appear next to it.  When you click the arrow, you will see your list name there and when you click on that, you’ll see only statuses/posts for people in that list.  It’s a great way to stay organized!

My Hootsuite Routine

Every Sunday night, I sit down and schedule 2-3 posts/tweets per day for the upcoming week.  Typically, I post something in the morning, like a motivational quote or a tip about exercise/diet, and one in the afternoon that engages people to talk – like yesterday I posted something about what your first job was, it just gives you a chance to get to know people and show people you’re more than just a coach!

How to schedule a post.

  • Go into Hootsuite and on the left, there’s a little arrow and it should be called Publisher.  Go in there and up at the top compose bar, start typing out the post you want to schedule.  Then, click on the calendar in the lower right hand corner and pick the date and time you want the post to go out.  Once you’ve done that, on the right, select the social media profiles you want the post to send to – I usually have it post to both of my FB pages and my twitter page, but you can choose to only have it post to one of them, not all.  Once you’ve done that, just click “Schedule” and you’re done.  You can see what you have scheduled to post by always coming back to this publisher.


  • I use this for live posts that I want to go to both Twitter and Facebook.
  • FYI – You can personalize your view.  I have 6 columns that show.  One column shows Facebook – what all of my friends are posting for statuses.  Another tab is all of the people I’m following on twitter.  Another column is any mentions of my twitter name (e.g. people re-tweeting things I’ve posting, people asking me direct questions, etc).  I have another column for twitter direct messages I receive.  Then I have a few other columns that I use to search for twitter posts that include specific topics, like Turbo Kick, or “I want to get in shape”, etc.  So that if someone pops up that is talking about something I like, I can go in and follow them directly from Tweetdeck 


So on a daily basis, I do spend most of my time on Social media for my business.  I spend about 2 hours a night on my business and here’s what I usually do.

  • First things first – I CHECK MY BACK OFFICE!  I check to see if I have any new customers.  If I do, I immediately send them an email to welcome them. I also search for their email in Facebook, and if they are on Facebook, I send them a friend request saying I’m your Beachbody coach, looking forward to connecting with you, and also add them to my prospects list in Facebook.
  • I have a Customer group on Facebook, so I add them to that group as well, after they accept the friend request.
  • In my back office, I also check the breaking news section to make sure I’m in the loop as to what’s going on, and download any national coach calls I may have missed that I can put on my ipod.
  • I also check on a daily basis my entire downline, including coaches of my personally sponsored coaches, to make sure that no one is going to go inactive.  If so, I reach out to them and let them know so we can get them active again.
  • Next, I post what workout I’m doing, and ask people what they are doing.  When people tell me what their workout is, I make sure to connect with them after by just telling them great job with their workout.  I know for me, having somebody telling me that I’m doing a good job with my workouts keeps me more motivated and driven.  It’s an accountability thing.
  • On Facebook, I go to the workout fan page for the workout I did and post what I did and connect with a couple of people on there – answer any questions I see I can help with, etc.  And I friend 2 people.
  • On Twitter (via Tweetdeck), I go through my search columns and follow a couple people that are tweeting about stuff that I’m searching for, e.g. Turbo Kick.  I try to follow about 5 people per day.
  • On Facebook, I go to my prospects list and I scroll through the statuses and make any comments, answer any questions, just connect with my peeps LOL!  This is a good way to talk to people about coaching too – if you see them talking a lot about their workouts, once you have connected with them a bit, you can always throw in a conversation about coaching, and that you have a presentation with some information on the opportunity that you could send them.  If you try to talk to 2 people a week, you’re gonna get responses by doing this!
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