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What are the dragons in Your Life

Recently finished a book called Drawing Out The Dragons by James A Owens.   I have to to tell you it is one that you will want to pick up.  The focus as it says in the picture above: “A beginner’s guide to Making Choice That Matter” Its a story about the author James A […]

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#52BookChallenge – Book 3

Well I have a secret for you…that will actually blow your mind.  The continued learning and growing from those who have gone before us is essential to our success.  Ever heard the phrase “Leaders are readers.”? Well I’m working on becoming that because I want to lead, inspire, and develop others, and that is what […]

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#52BookChallenge – Book 1

I kicked off the year with the goal of reading or listening to a total of 52 books during 2015. I selected a doozy for my 1st book to read.  Its a leadership/how to styled book.  I have to say that its been truly awesome digging into a mentors book.  His name is Eric Worre, […]

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