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Food Documentaries

Food documentaries…we’ve all seen previews, perhaps even watched a few, others we have scoffed at and turned our heads…but guess what people…this is about the weight of the nation…below I’ve posted the 17 Food Documentaries that I feel are worth watching, and 4 of the most recent trailers that I’ve seen. There’s no shortage of […]

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Time flies when you are on the Ultimate Reset

I had initially planned to do a video post every few days about my wife and I and our journey with the Beachbody Ultimate Reset, however I woke up today on day 14 feeling fabulous might I add, and realized I had neglected my duties as your coach and as one who was reviewing an […]

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How To Save Money

Let me guess, you’ve done the research, tried a sample, really intrigued, but you’re hesitant on Shakeology because it’s so expensive.  Ya know what I did too, not going to lie to you.   I was like “NO WAY is this going to become my daily meal, I cannot even afford to refill the toilet paper […]

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