Team Beachbody Compensation Plan-Team Cycle Bonuses Explained

The comp plan is quite complicated! In a nutshell, you make 25% commissions on products that people buy from your website.  Once you’ve become Emerald, you become eligible for team cycle bonuses.

Team Volume is generated by the sales of the Coaches in the left and right legs of your entire downline organization, regardless of depth. When the accumulated Team Volume totals 300 TV, with a minimum of 1/3 of the TV (100 TV) in one leg and 2/3 of the TV (200) you earn a cycle. The 300 TV used for the cycle will be deducted from the appropriate Left and Right volume totals. The remaining volume will carry over to be applied towards your next cycle. You may cycle up to 96 cycles a day.

Emerald cycles are $14, $16 for Ruby, and $18 for Diamond or above!

It’s hard to read about, so I like this video that Ember Neville did that explains team cycle bonuses! (Her video has the wrong #’s for a team cycle, just remember 100/200 is the new one!)  This is another good video that Jenelle did as well!

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