The Art of Getting To Yes – What to do after the 5 Step Process

What is the next step you ask…well these are some tips I learned while at Summit 2012. I hope you enjoy them, and can learn from them.

  • Be Teachable! Even the top coaches still are eager to keep learning!
  • To determine which systems, skills and philosophies can benefit your biz
  • Take action by implementing


Why use scripts?
  • Trust the people that have had success already (Barbie Decker started using the 5 step process in Dec and got 100 SC points in that ONE month!)
  • Not everyone has the skill to just talk to people. Scripts work for those that need the help and it DUPLICATES! Your sales will go up and when you teach it to your team – your TEAM VOLUME WILL GO UP!
  • They are SIMPLE – don’t over complicate everything.

Objections aren’t a no – they just don’t have a reason deep enough to decide now

Objections ARE EVERYWHERE: Something that’s asking you to connect them to more info, a story.. Facts tell. stories SELL
Objections are everywhere, within ourselves. They’re excuses. Let’s help others through their excuses.
Objections come from…
  • Ourselves – excuses to fail
  • Prospects – how we handle them, prepare for them, prevent them are VITAL
  • Team – inactive coaches…can’t, or not confident yet…objections from prospects can create objections and insecurities within team

Preventing objections starts with you – how you think is how you speak and how you speak becomes reality



  • Body language – if you’re expecting rejections guess what you’re going to get. Be confident. PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT you attract what and who you are. Attract confidence.
  • Oral – are you sincere and authentic. be you – just make it about them!
  • Written – be the same on social media as you are in person

How to disarm their excuse and become their friend:

(Don’t defend your statements! That builds walls instead of bridges.)
  • Keep it simple. Don’t be an expert – be a friend. “I don’t know, all I know is I thought it was a good deal. I lost 30 lbs and I have more energy than ever before. My life is forever changed. I don’t know if you want your life changed but if you do…follow me.
  • Feel, felt, found.Don’t tell people what the NEED to do. You have to diagnose before you prescribe! “I understand why you feel that way. I felt that way too at first. What i found is if I start cutting out my daily coffee and start making it at home I had the extra cash to pay for my shakes and my energy levels are actually better than when i was drinking coffee.” Show them the upside of a DIFFERENT options!
  • Questions– the person asking questions wins. The person explaining loses. Slow down…ask more questions. Why do they believe what they believe and how can I help them come to a different belief.
    • Don’t attack peoples beliefs – help them find a better way
    • When you ask someone a questions that gives them opportunity to reflect and come to a different conclusions
  • Testimonials

Money objections:

  • If you get to a money objections you need to ask yourself what could you have done to prevent this. Usually you Need to spend more time in step two to prevent this. Developing their WHY they should follow you?
  • Barbie was broke and putting groceries on her CC and she still found a way to start and now look at her 6 fig income. Start collecting stories and testimonials and use them to help you with objections
  • Ask them why they are broke???? That might lead you to another solution that they need. “what makes you think you can’t afford it?” You can untangle their mess until you know what it is. Learn to connecting them to solutions afteryou know.
    • Eiher they sincerely can’t afford it or they are choosing not to because they still want to hang on to their bad habits.
    • “Is this the real reason you’re not moving forward or are you just afraid to hurt my feelings?” That gives them an out.

Time objections

  • Use testimonials – ” Dude I totally understand that.. I was busy too (insert your story) if you really want this you’re going to find a way… INSERT OTHERS TESTIMONIALS. Ive seen this work for so many people. If you want it I want to help you make it work.”

Spouse objections

  • Embrace and understand
  • Ask questions about their spouse “Tell me a little bit about your husband… Do you think it would help if I got both you of you on the phone and answered some of his questions for him?” Learn to be a connector. Connect them both to a solution that helps them overcome that fear. Don’t let the spouse present the business. They won’t do it right! “Do you ever have an issue when presenting a new idea to your spouse and they just shoot it down? Would you like for me to be the one presenting the biz since you’re wanting to learn and I can do a great job of answers questions and take some of the heat off you?”
I don’t want to sell.”

The reason people are afraid of sales is because sales people SUCK

  • Don’t sell – share what’s worked for you
  • How do you respond at the moment in a crisis – it either puts bullets in their gun or puts their gun in their holster. Build bridges rather than walls. We’re on a mission to disarm people so they are open to understanding not on a mission to create new wars. Stop selling products. Start selling what it does for them in their life.
  • Other products – “there’s too much competition” – All i know is those protein shakes or bars don’t come with this (TEAM BEACHBODY WOOT!!!)
  • All you have to do is bring them to agreement and the close – “let’s get you enrolled.”

Closing script for biz opportunity

  • How would you rate your own belief? on a scale of 1-10 where are you? If you’re lower than a 10 you need to change that. That’s up to you! “Look, I’m just a regular person. If I can do it…you can do it.”
    • You need to believe and visualize your success! The way you show up in real life is the way you show up on social media. If you don’t one will sign up underneath you.”
    • NEVER BEG- it’s a privilege to be a BB coach. You want people on your team that are ready to change lives! BB coaches don’t beg. “I’m going to do this with or without you. This is AMAZING doing what I’m doing. I’m going to see if you would make a good part of my team.” You don’t have to let everyone on your team. You have the power to be selective and bring people in your team that you WANT because we don’t beg… we attract because we believe in this special opportunity. BAM – now go crush it!
  • FORM – FAMILY OCCUPATION RECREATION MESSAGE – get to know people. Show a genuine interest in them.
    • You are going to see if the opportunity can fill a need that they have. How will you know if this biz is right for them if you don’t know anything about them? You become a trusted friend when you show interest in them!
    • 95% of people suck at sales because they don’t like to ask questions.
    • Questions find out their – GOALS, NEEDS, DESIRES, STRENGTHS
  • ACTION: John Maxwell – Everybody Speaks, Few Connect (READ THIS BOOK or LISTEN TO AUDIO)
  • “Hey! Glad to hear you’re interested in the biz opportunity. Tell me why you think you’d be a good coach…” Find out their strengths!
  • You’re job as a coach is not to explain the biz opp. Use the script once they have reviewed the opportunity. Once you get on the phone to close you are DONE presenting. “Hey hows it going? Did you get a chance to review the info yet? If not reschedule your follow up call!
    • Get on the phone: Check your posture and believe – Be casual. Be you and make it about them.
      • Hey hows it going – how was your weekend? Keep it casual. – confirm they have watched video (relationship first, biz follows)
      • “So what did you like about what you <saw, read, heard> etc?” THIS PREVENTS OBJECTIONS – you’re now getting them to think about what they likes and what’s important to them.
        • “Tell me more about that….”
      • “Do you want to make a little or a lot of money?”
        • Keep digging and asking questions – find out what their dreams are. Be ok with whatever they say! Be willing to help them reach THEIR goals
      • “What for?” “What would you do if you had a little bit of extra money? What would you do if you had more time?”
      • At your current job – how long would it take you to…<insert their goal here>” “Doing what you’re doing now, how long will it take you to do that?” 99% of the time the answer is never. That’s SAD!!!!
      • Ask for what you want. SAY “WELCOME TO OUR TEAM!” “I would love to have you on board. Are you near a computer? let’s get you signed up!”

Take aways:

  • Identify areas of needed improvement
  • Practice the skills
  • be willing to fail
  • use the other coaches as a sounding board when faced with objections
  • be confident that you’re more prepared now to handle objections than you were 75 minutes ago”

PRACTICE THESE!!! Practice, practice practice!

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