To Do List – Mirrors the Game Plan

This is my minimum daily to do list – I follow it EVERY SINGLE DAY!  It relates to the game plan and I’ve even put on here what component of the game plan it relates to!!  Take it and edit it to meet your needs :-)

1. Listen to 10 minutes of Good Book, or talk (Be a Leader – personal development, reading)
2. Get on a conference call if there is one, or listen to the recording from the day before (Be a Leader – personal development, audio/training)
3. Do my workout & drink my Shakeology (Be a product of the product)
4. Log my workout and Dennis’ workout in WOWY (Be a product of the product)
5. Exposure #1: Send Shakeology sample to Amanda (Share BB with 2 people per day)
6. Exposure #2: Send recorded platinum presenters webinar link invite to Steven regarding coaching (Share BB with 2 people per day)
7. Check online office for new customers and downline’s statuses (Treat your business like a business)
8. Email any new customers to welcome them, and add them on Facebook if they are on there (Treat your business like a business; counts as new contacts)
9. Follow up with Kristin, Amber, Tiffany, Katherine (Treat your business like a business; counts as follow-ups)
10. Post my workout on Facebook (Be a product of the product)
11. Check in with Brittnae (Have a success partner)
12. Send out Step 1 Invites (5 each day via email, facebook, twitter, youtube, linked, etc), Follow Up with current extended invites for Challenge



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