Les Mills Combat

If you have been to most gyms…I’m sure you have seen the group classes for Les Mills BODYCOMBAT®….well if you haven’t check this video out.

BODYCOMBAT by Les Mills®

 Pretty Sweet right?  I know I know you are thinking…well thats gay you are punching in the air, or you are imitating Billy Banks from Tai Bo….but guess what, its a craze around the world…so pack sand all you nay sayers.  Its a great workout, and can get you in great shape through following any interval style training.  By the way you ever heard of shadow boxing?  Similar concept….but here is the deal…its not just in gyms starting Fall of 2012.

Click on Image to Order NOW!

Click on Image to Order Les mills COMBAT Challenge Pack NOW!

OH YEAH!!! So if you love kickboxing, or love the local group workouts you have been doing, but want to have the option to get your Combat on while not able to attend the gym, then you will love this and guess what you can do this workout anytime in the privacy of your own home…..lets check out the pre-launch sizzle reel, below.

Les Mills Combat

If you are liking what you see, and want to be able to get your hands on this as soon as possible, leave a comment below, and I’ll get you details on how to do so.  If you are thinking…I need weights and cardio…well perhaps you need to go look at Les Mills Pump.

Additional Details:

Les Mills Combat – What Can We Expect From This Release?

Unleash your Inner Warrior this fall with Les Mills Combat. A home workout inspired by mixed martial arts. Just like with the prior Les Mills Combat DVD from Les Mills Pump, we will see a wide range of mixed martial arts. Here’s some of what you will see.

  • Boxing
  • Muay hai
  • Tae Kwon Do
  • Kikboxing
  • Jiu-Jitsu
  • Karate
  • Capoeira

It’s a great combination from all areas of combat training. You’re going to see an intense martial arts inspired cardio work out, that is not only fun but is fast.

Les Mills Combat – Will I Learn Combat Moves From This Workout?

I have already had some people ask me this one ‘Will I be able to learn combat training from this workout?’. The straight answer right from the Les Mills website is: “No, it is a non-contact fitness program, not a self-defense course. However fitness is beneficial in any situation.” This program is going to be designed for people looking for a mix martial arts inspired workout and NOT some form of combat training. I would definitely suggest this series to anyone who is doing mixed martial arts training, as it’s going to be a great and intense cardio work out that you can do from the privacy from your own home.

Les Mills Combat – When Can I Order It….

Order Les Mills Combat Challenge Pack!

This is the million dollar question, ‘When can we order Les Mills Combat?’!  Get Les Mills Combat before Christmas 2012!! Click the image to the left to place your order!


If you’re interested in purchasing Les Mills Combat challenge pack, click on the image to the left!  If you are interested in the Base Kit (DVDs only), or the Ultimate Kits click here.  I like always bring the best promotions for new products and current products. Here’s a update from the Les Mills BodyCombat crew!

Also in closing if you don’t have a current Team Beachbody Coach and you are looking for support and accountability in your workouts I would love to offer those services to you as your free Team Beachbody Coach.  Just click the image below and complete the information to get started.

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